Realtime mortgage product data in the palm of your hand

Our AI powered app enables you to compare different Buy To Let mortgage products dependent on your purchasing structure (limited company, HMO or individual) and the deposit you want to put down.

Instantly compare 15%, 20% and 25% mortgage products, see your potential yield and when your capital outlay will be recovered.

Rightrate was created with one primary goal:

to instantly search through thousands of mortgage products to help landlords and property investors make informed, easy decisions about their potential return on investment

Download Rightrate for FREE from your App Store

Download Rightrate for FREE from your App Store

Updated in real time for the best rates

Rightrate has a direct feed from our broker platform meaning you always get the best possible rate, AI tailors the product to your requirements to instantly provide you with yield, deposit requirements, monthly mortgage payments, stamp duty and yearly net profit.


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What our customers are saying

Cutting edge property app

This app is so useful, and so easy to use for landlords looking for buy-to-let mortgages! It’s all there in one app!


Fantastic Mortgage app

I found this app to be very good and very informative. It really helped me tremendously in making the right decisions for my mortgage application.


Fantastic app with a great interface

Fantastic app with a great interface and user experience. Highly recommended as it is a really useful tool for comparing real time property opportunities.


Makes looking at mortgage info easy!

The app makes things incredibly easy for wanting to review/find information within the mortgage market. Functionality and search results are presented in an understandable way when comparing various products. I’d highly recommend it!


An app that you need

Very useful app that speedily helps evaluate my calculations


Loved the app

Favourite thing about it is ease of navigation – really great user experience.   As a man that values ease of functionality & efficiency this app ticks all the right boxes.

Rightrate allowed me to make a clear & informed decision about which of my inbound property deals would yield the best return.  I will 100% recommend this app the time challenged investor who struggles to find reliable data for smart investment decisions.


Easy to use and highly recommended

I would highly recommend the Rightrate app for anyone actively buying a home or just those looking to get a snapshot of the mortgage market. It’s also very easy to use.


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Download Rightrate for FREE from your App Store

Download Rightrate for FREE from your App Store

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